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      Welcome to visit Xuzhou Pengkang Electrical Equipment Co.,Ltd. Website! Tel:400 799 6066 / 0516-69699992
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      About Us

      Xuzhou PengKang Electrical Equipment company located in Xuzhou, Jiangsu Province, Costal China, founded in 2002, PengKang has dedicated to diagnostic and sur gical devices innovation and production over 18 years.

      We know how important of medical tools influence with medical specialists, we keep thinking about how to help optimizing the clinical performance, therefore, PengKang talented and dedicated engineers never stop researching new technique and improving the product capabilities. Every product, large equipment, handheld device, is strictly tested before hand to you.

      We are:

      ISO-13485 Approved

      CE Approved

      For the superior customer’s experience around World, PengKang create overseas sales and service center which focusing on customer maximum satisfaction, no matter where you are, PK Service are always accessible.